Rising film star Walles Hamonde talks to Rick Hay about the paleo diet and his daily eating plan.

walles Hamonde


So I went 100% paleo 6 years ago – no cheat days, no excuses, just cold turkey one cold February morning! I really wanted to cut out processed food and all the research pointed to paleo. So overnight, I cut out all grains, dairy, legumes and processed sugars. Honestly, I felt the difference to my energy levels and improvements in my skin almost instantly. Once you cut out artificial ingredients, it’s impossible to go back without them tasting really ‘off’ to your palate.


When I have the time, I LOVE starting my day with eggs, salmon, and avocado, all mashed together and washed down with an Earl Grey tea with a dash of honey. When I am working though, it often ends up being a raw food bar, like a Nakd or LäraBar. When I first started eating Paleo, those kind of quick snacks didn’t exist and I am so grateful for them when I am on the go. They always have them at Craft Services now on sets, which means I no longer have to pack my own!

Mid-morning snack:

If I had the salmon for breakfast, I will probably just have a decaf almond latte with honey and power through the morning, but if it was a light food morning, then I’d try to get a chia pot in me around 11am. They are also a recent development on packaged paleo food and are so packed with protein and flavour! Laura’s Idea does a great one with goji berries and almond milk!


I don’t usually get very hungry at traditional mealtimes, probably because my schedule varies so wildly based on what I am filming or voicing on any given day. I have found with Paleo that you listen more closely to feeding your body when it asks for it, rather than when you think you should have it. But if the hunger pangs strike around lunchtime, I usually opt for a bag of turkey jerky or chicken jerky. I have a brand called Epic and another called Bricks shipped from the States because both have no added cane sugar and are absolutely delicious!

Mid-afternoon snack:

My preference is to work out in the afternoon. After 15 years of waking up at 430am to train when I was competing as a figure skater, I now prefer getting my sweat on after my body has fully woken up – such a luxury! So I usually have a protein snack when I leave the gym. Either a can of tuna and another Earl Grey, or a handful of nuts – pistashios are a favorite – if I am on the go.


Gawd, I love dinner!! When I was skating, dinner was the only meal where I could relax, because I was training 6 hours a day and needed a fairly empty stomach to train on. So that habit has persisted. I usually have some variation of chicken and vegetables for dinner. Kale, sweet potatoes, cauliflower or broccoli usually make my plate.
After dinner, it’s time for my little daily indulgence – I have a bar of raw chocolate for dessert. Either an OM Bar or a Vanoffee Bar – if you haven’t tried either, I suggest you do – they will change your world view on chocolate forever!
Over the course of the day, I keep very hydrated as well – on average about 3 or 4 litres a day.
Walles can currently be seen in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and will soon be appearing in Transformers: The Last Knight.
You can keep up with Walles’ food, fitness and latest projects on Twitter and Instagram: @WheresWalles

Rick’s Verdict:


Walles certainly has a healthy diet – he’s totally committed to his regime and is in great shape as you can see from the pics.
His diet and exercise program are working well and he has recently started to use my natural energy boosting, organic superfood powder – Go Boost – to help keep him revved up naturally.